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I'm sure all of you US news junkies will know to what I refer in my obscurity.

Of course he can be blamed, he stood on a platform two years ago and said that 1+1 would equal 4. But in fact 1+1 equaled less than 1 in this case. There is no excuse for poor arithmetic.

Are we worried about who will have to pay a premium for their internet? Can we have a president named Joe? Do other countries have flags that are flammable? Real estate is booming in Kuwait, if we knock Saddam Hussein off the wall, we can bring in highways, shopping malls and elevator music. Fight for the right of people to propagate parking lots!

Shh you Green Peacers, Niki Taylor and Connie Chung are having an enlightening conversation about her extraordinary life and near death experiences.

Speaking of near death experiences, how dare we not shoot up possibly innocent men with poison? If they are released, who else will we implicate for the crime to comfort the families of the "victims?" Not innocent until someone else can be packaged guilty and put to sleep. I must see someone murdered for the murder of the person I loved. Then those that loved him must see someone else murdered for murderer's murder. Perhaps we should start being more economic, Timothy McVeigh had the right idea. Instead of playing dominoes with lives, why not just knock us all off at once? The US truly does have an utter disregard for the idea of economy. Mass murder--save energy, time and the expense. But in the true manner of a world of contradictions, we practice homicide economy where we think that the powerful voters can not see, but where the even more powerful lobbyists have front row seats to the opera.

Hey, if you're good and promise not to defend yourself when we come to spank you, we'll teach you some of our decadence and maybe even shower you with SUVs. How dare you defend yourself?

My love for the news surpasses my love for hollywood movies. I find it infinitely more occupying. I find it infinitely more ubiquitous. I find it infinitely more economic.
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