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It seems people who view homosexuality as immoral are secretly attracted to others of the same sex.

I agree. But that doesn't go nearly far enough, don't you think? Anyone who is a flaming queer is trying to hide the fact that he's in doubt about his sexuality. Likewise, the women who go on about how wonderful their visits to the abortion clinics are very much in denial. And anyone who claims "homophobia" is a bad thing is secretly disgusted by actual homosexuals.
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WTF? "Anyone who is a flamin g queer is trying to hide the fact that he's in doubt of his sexuality" ??? Uhm, maybe that's just the way they are. Hullo. No one questions your personality in relation to your sexual orientation, so why does it work reverse? The reason the most vociferous homophobic and heterosexist individuals are thought to be in doubt is because of what they say, how they say it, and the facts (or, in some cases) the lack thereof. Walking around telling gay people they're going to hell because YOUR Bible says so, doesn't make it so. And everytime I hear that, I think two things. Firstly, "Wow, that person is having a religious crisis with their feelings." Secondly, "Since when does everyone believe the same thing?"
You're entitled to your opinion. It's what you do about it that makes a difference.

I'm being sarcastic. I would have thought that was obvious.