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An article in a high school newspaper

The unmitigated, unsubstantiated BS, in its entirety:

Young adults may have the right to vote, but until they are older it's best that they stay away from the polls on Election day.

At the end of the election in November, one man will take control of our country. People who voted will feel like they had an important part in this decision. This is a rewarding feeling but not all who are eligible to vote should. On Election Day, voters who are still in high school should just stay home.

Student voters definitely affect the vote, but their opinion is too often not their own. Many students only reflect the opinions of their parents. Adults are more likely to watch the news and read the paper. This gives them the means to understand both sides and make decisions accordingly. When teens hear their parents' opinions over and over they gradually become their views as well.

Student voters are usually affected by who the candidate is and what party they're from instead of what they stand for. High school students are still living under their parents' roof, which means most taxes a president would impose will not affect them.

When it gets right down to it high school students are too immature to vote. High school students are too concerned with homework and friends to really understand the responsibilities of electing a president. They aren't even allowed to drink until age 21. If society thinks teens are too irresponsible to be trusted with alcohol they should not be trusted with the future of the most powerful country in the world.

In the election every vote counts towards who will next lead our great nation. Everyone wants their voice heard, but high school students might just as well sleep in and forget about it. Mommy will just vote for who the student wants anyway.

My thoughts, in short: Who writes this shit? How in the world can we expect people to consider voting when anyone is explicitly telling some potential voters that they're too brainwashed to have a mind of their own, merely on account of age?
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